High-Tech Vaping with Convenience
May 2019

What's behind our winning e-commerce vaping model?

It's the ability to deliver cutting-edge technology with convenient results.

Vaping is a new industry, and it's one that is changing quickly. Many people are still getting used to the big switch from conventional tobacco,  and other quick trends, along with trying to figure out what’s in various vaping oils.

That results in a lot of confusion as customers try to figure out what flavors and oils they want, as well as what kinds of equipment they want to use. There are so many choices available! It can be hard to figure out what each different type of vape pen does and what accessories go best with it.

When you ask a newcomer what kind of vaping equipment they want, you might get a blank stare. It's an industry with a steep learning curve. We got started a few years ago, and we’re excited by all of the choices that are available. We enjoy helping our customers to get the best gear for their use.

Did you know that a vaping pen can be a lot like a smartphone?

If you're familiar with the idea of outfitting consumer products with a digital interface, you'll love the Smok Morph 219 kit that features a digital input keyboard. This technology allows users to set their preferences, and even create locked technologies that will personalize use. This way, you can leave your vape pen lying around without worrying that it could get used by a child or someone who shouldn't have their hands on it.

In addition to these digital features, this piece has great airflow, a large firing key and excellent coil compatibility, as well as a convenient 6 ml reservoir.

Along with all of that technology, we offer a convenient way to shop and get your vaping supplies directly from our modern e-commerce hub.

Ordering vaping equipment doesn't have to be a big chore.

Just come visit our site and check out all of the information resources we offer to customers about batteries, coils and more. Use our convenient shopping cart to get what you need to improve your vaping experience and build your knowledge of the industry quickly.

You'll have more time to enjoy your vaping, and less time at your desk messing around with the computer.

Here's one more reason to shop Phantom Vape Supply – we understand the subjective nature of vaping, and we offer advice that's based on personalized approaches. You can get input from experienced vapers without being led in a particular direction. We know that taste and performance are subjective and Phantom Vape Supply helps you to do the research that you need to get done in order to make the best choice. Take time to browse our inventory and if you have any questions, fire away!