Why the SMOK Stick Prince Is the Best Vape Pen for Beginners

Why the SMOK Stick Prince Is the Best Vape Pen for Beginners

Here at Phantom Vape Supply, we receive regular communication from people who are new to vaping. Sometimes, those people have tried the small e-cigarettes available at their local convenience stores and know that there must be something better out there. Others have never tried e-cigarettes and simply don’t know where to begin. What is the best vape pen for beginners? Which e-cigarette delivers the best combination of satisfaction and ease of use?

If you are new to vaping, we believe that you should strongly consider the SMOK Stick Prince. In this article, we’ll explain why. We’ll give you a hint – our reasons extend much further than the appealing $29.99 price tag.

The SMOK Stick Prince Is Easy to Use

With only one button, anyone can use the SMOK Stick Prince without worrying about navigating through menus or configuring wattage settings. Since the SMOK Stick Prince also includes its own tank, there’s no need to shop around for tanks and worry about whether the tank you like will be compatible with the device you own. As we’ll explain, you’re unlikely to even want to try another tank because the included tank is such an incredible piece of engineering.

Stellar Flavor and Vapor Production

The reason why the SMOK Stick Prince has such great vapor production is because there’s nothing limiting its power; the vape pen uses direct output voltage to send the full available power of the battery directly to the tank. To ensure your safety, the SMOK Stick has built-in protection against low and high battery voltage, short circuits and over-current conditions.

Using the SMOK Stick Prince

To use the SMOK Stick, you’ll only need to learn how to do four things. Once you’re comfortable with those four things, you’ll know everything that you need to know about having the best possible experience with this vape pen.

Charge the Battery

The SMOK Stick has a built-in micro USB port. To charge the battery, connect the included USB cable to the port on the battery and to your computer. The indicator light on the battery shows you when the charge is complete.

Fill the Tank

The SMOK TFV12 Prince tank has a swivel top. Turning the top uncovers the tank’s filling hole. Add e-liquid to the tank through the filling hole until the tank is nearly full, leaving a bit of room for air at the top. Avoid getting e-liquid in the center hole as doing so could cause the tank to leak.

Inside the TFV12 Prince tank is an atomizer coil head with heating wires that produce vapor. A cotton wick is packed tightly around the heating wires. If the wick isn’t wet, it can burn – so wait several minutes for the e-liquid to soak into the wick before using your SMOK Stick.


To begin vaping with the SMOK Stick, press the button five times quickly. The indicator light blinks to confirm that you’ve unlocked the device. Next, inhale while holding the button. Release the button after completing the puff.

If you’d like your SMOK Stick to generate big vapor clouds, you should inhale the vapor directly into your lungs. If you’d prefer to inhale from the mouth to the lungs, turn the airflow collar at the bottom of the TFV12 Prince tank to limit the airflow.

Replace the Atomizer Coil Head

Depending on the e-liquid you use and how frequently you vape, the atomizer coil head will last anywhere from a few days to several weeks. You’ll know that it’s time to replace the atomizer because the flavor quality and vapor production of the tank will decrease noticeably. To replace the atomizer, remove the tank from the SMOK Stick and unscrew the tank’s bottom hardware. The current coil is connected to the base of the tank. Unscrew the current coil and twist in a new one. Reassemble and fill the tank, waiting several minutes for the cotton to saturate before you continue vaping.

The SMOK Stick Prince Includes the World’s Best Tank

The battery portion of a vape pen provides only a small part of the vaping experience. The battery portion supplies the power and determines the capabilities of your vape pen. It’s the tank, though, that generates the vapor; it’s arguably the most important part. For some e-cigarette companies, including a tank with an e-cigarette is simply a matter of obligation. Without a tank, a vape pen starter kit isn’t complete. As a result, many vape pens don’t include very good tanks – companies simply toss in whatever’s available. The SMOK Stick Prince isn’t like that at all; the TFV12 Prince is the most popular e-cigarette tank on the market, and you’ll get it at a significant discount with this vape pen kit.

Why the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank Is Great

What makes the TFV12 Prince so special? We love it because it produces huge, boldly flavored vapor clouds. We also love it because the top-filling system is so user friendly. There’s no need to remove the tank from your SMOK Stick to refill. Just rotate the top – it couldn’t be easier! The TFV12 Prince is also convenient because the bulbous glass enclosure holds enough e-liquid for all-day vaping.

Atomizer Coils for Every Taste

The SMOK TFV12 Prince isn’t just a tank – it’s a vaping platform with atomizer coils to suit every possible taste. The SMOK Stick Prince kit includes two V12 Prince-M4 coils. Each measures 0.17 ohms and includes four heating wires. The full TFV12 Prince atomizer coil family, though, includes seven atomizers in all. In the collection, you’ll find quad-coil, sextuple-coil and decuple-coil atomizers. You’ll even find an atomizer that uses metal mesh in place of a standard heating coil. You can try the different atomizers until you find the one that suits your vaping style. 

Final Thoughts

If you were on the fence about whether the SMOK Stick Prince is the best vape pen for beginners, we hope that this article has helped you solidify your opinion. Nothing else on the market surpasses the SMOK Stick’s combination of simple operation and incredible performance.

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