About Us | Phantom Vape Supply

Our journey into the world of vaping began 5 years ago. We had purchased a couple of small vape pens with disposable cartridges. We had them for two days and lost one of the batteries. That is when we found our first vape shop. We walked into this shop and all we could think as we looked around at all the mods, tanks, juices, and accessories, was that we had found “the spot” for us. We could explore different mod/tank combinations. We could also build our own coils for our tanks to get the results that WE wanted!

As folks who have done this for a while , and for those who are new to this will find out. Taste and performance are subjective, each person will find what works for them.

We want anyone who is new to this to really take into consideration the statement above, “taste and performance being subjective”. We know what we like in mods, tanks, coils, and juices, but just because we like the set-up we are working with does not mean you will. Read and watch reviews. There are a lot of reviewers out there that give you honest reviews of the products that they are reviewing. Use those reviews to pick the items that address your likes and dislikes. We know that most will find the last statement un-necessary, but we believe in doing your research first. You will limit the amount of times you purchase a product that you are just not happy with.

We decided after relocating to Florida in January of 2018, that it was time for us to open our own site to provide customers products that they can use to get the results that they want from a vaping experience. We will always strive to bring you the best product at the best price.